Meet the Designer

Meet the Designer

I'm Katelyn Kantner, the designer and founder of NÜERA Swim. Thank you for your interest in my designs as I create unique, wearable art!

NÜERA was born when my love for the ocean collided with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It was then when my paintings were transformed from paint on paper, into richly colorful swimwear collections.

I studied Fine Art and Product Design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. There, I began designing my own textiles alongside learning the foundational skills of traditional oil painting. Once I started sewing my fabrics into beachwear, I realized that I had found my niche and I started running my business out of my college campus.

I grew up in Southern California, living in both Encinitas and Oceanside. All non-school days were spent at Swamis beach in Encinitas, rain or shine. Swimming and surfing were my daily activities and it's these sports that still affect my design decisions today. All swimsuits that I create are made to not only look beautiful on the sand, but to feel great and function well in the water.

A NÜERA Swim design is created when my original artwork is printed onto high quality material, then sewn into select styles that I carefully design down to every detail.

With my brand, I strive to produce vibrantly creative pieces that inspire those who wear them with radiant confidence, embracing their individual, unique beauty.